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August 13th, 2013

One World Futbol: a nearly indestructible soccer ball for a great cause

By KIND Editor

Here at KIND, we believe in the power of business to Do the KIND Thing—our founder is a social entrepreneur who creates businesses that empower all stakeholders involved. Consider purchasing equipment that is not only good for your athlete but also good for the world.

Anyone who has witnessed the joy on the face of a young athlete as they dribble a soccer ball down the field understands how transformative sport and play can be in the lives of people. Now imagine spreading that joy to over thousands of communities. The One World Futbol Project does just that, having distributed 200,000 of its nearly indestructible foam soccer balls over the past two years to disadvantaged youth around the world.

When inventor Tim Jahnigen witnessed news footage of Sudanese children playing soccer with a rag ball made of trash and twine, he was inspired to make a difference. Traditional soccer balls are easily punctured and require a pump and needle for regular maintenance—the balls are not designed for the rigors of concrete, unpaved streets and rough play. And when considering the fact that over 20 million sports balls end up in African landfills each year, the importance of durable athletic equipment becomes more apparent.

The mission of One World Futbol Project is to have a meaningful impact on the lives of youth around the world with a virtually indestructible ball that would never go flat and never need a pump. Made of a similar foam material to Crocs shoes, the balls can survive a battery of abuse: it won’t wrinkle, crack or become water-logged in the most extreme conditions.

Through their “buy one, give one” business model and sponsorship, the One World Futbol Project is distributing over 1.5 million foam futbols in the next three years. When purchasing one ball for $39.50, you buy a second ball for a child in a disadvantaged community. You can even choose to donate your ball to a number of campaigns with programs in Latin America, Africa, Afghanistan and the United States.

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