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May 03rd, 2016

we’re on Medium!

By KIND Editor

Hey! KIND Community! We have some news to share and it’s pretty exciting. KIND is officially up and running on Medium with a publication called The Ingredients. That means all of our editorial content will now be posted over there, instead of over here. We know new things can be scary sometimes, but we promise this will be a good change. To prove it, we broke down exactly what this means for you below.

What is Medium?
At it’s simplest, Medium is a place for people to tell stories. And the stories can be about anything, really. Every story is tagged based on topic, which allows you to follow topics you find interesting. It also lets you directly follow your favorite people, brands, and media outlets. All together, this creates a pretty awesome curated homepage that allows you to find the best content to read.
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What will be on The Ingredients?
You can expect to read captivating stories about the ingredients that make for a flavorful life, or, in simpler terms, cool stories about food. We’ve assembled a team of food writers to create content about everything from choosing the best milk for you to how to start a successful snack company. If you read something you like, be sure to click the heart at the bottom of the story so we can create more things like it.

What does this mean for you?
Nothing but good things, really. Not only does this move allow us to bring you more dynamic food stories to read, but it will also hopefully, allow you to read a bunch of other interesting things while you’re at it. Plus, if you follow us, you’ll get notified whenever we post something new.

And that’s it. We’re really excited to share this with you, and hope you love it as much as we do!

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