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make the world a little kinder

We believe that kindness can change the world. That’s why we’re on a mission to make the world a little kinder and have been since we were founded in 2004. We call this the KIND Movement.

We’d love for you to join us on this journey. As a first step, consider the difference between “nice” and “kind.” It’s a subtle difference, but it has changed how we see things here at KIND.

Nice means well, but it’s not enough. Kind is different. Nice is polite, but it stays out of it. Kind is honest – it speaks up and rises to the occasion. Nice doesn’t add to problems, but Kind rolls up its sleeves and solves them. Nice doesn’t bully, but Kind stands up to bullies. Nice is something you say, whereas Kind is something you do. If we had to sum it up, we’d say this: Nice is passive, but Kind is active.

Now, more than ever, it’s time to act with kindness. When we do, we all have the power to make a difference. Ready to get started?

see how you can be KIND every day

KINDness Safari: we teamed up to give families an opportunity to take part in some kind acts during a fun day at the zoo.
One of our favorite ways to spread kindness is by giving our community flowers to pass along to someone else! It’s an easy way to brighten up someone’s day.
Spotted! A KIND team member leaving an uplifting message for an unsuspecting driver.
2016 Entrepreneurship Summit hosted by The KIND Foundation: the KIND Team supported this educational event by giving advice to socially-minded entrepreneurs.

do the KIND thing®

Here’s how we bring our Movement to life. Not-only-for-profit®

KIND Foundation

The KIND Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization established by KIND that aims to foster kinder and more empathetic communities. Its mission is brought to life through a variety of programming meant to celebrate and inspire positive action. In 2016, through a program called KIND People, The KIND Foundation celebrated seven individuals transforming their communities through kindness with $1.1MM in prizes. In 2017, it will help mobilize young people to build kinder, more inclusive communities.



One of our favorite ways to spread and celebrate kindness is with #kindawesome cards. We hand out these cards when we see someone (friend, stranger or anyone in between!) doing a kind act. Each card has a special code, which the recipient can enter online to receive a token of KIND’s appreciation, as well as another #kindawesome card to pay it forward. We’ve found that the world is full of #kindawesomeness – you just have to be open to seeing it! Want to start spotting kindness with us?



At KIND, we spend a lot of time talking about what it means to be kind. From the healthy snacks we make to the way we work, live and give back, we are always focused on making the world a little kinder. In fact, 4 out of 5 team members say kindness is more top of mind for them since they joined KIND. Our goal is to keep that number rising! That’s why we empower all our team members to give back throughout the year – whether it’s through donated product, volunteer time or just doing the kind thing. To jump start your own kind activities, check out this weekly kind act tracker!


Do the KIND Thing

by Daniel Lubetzky

An inspiring handbook for success in business and life by the visionary CEO of KIND Healthy Snacks.


100% of author’s proceeds will be donated to furthering acts of kindness

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