whole grains

Millions of people are choosing to avoid gluten due to allergies and other dietary reasons. While oats are a naturally gluten-free whole grain, they don’t always stay gluten free due to cross-contact with other grains.

Several of our oat farmers follow purity protocol, a set of criteria and testing standards to ensure oats stay gluten-free from seed to shelf. It takes a lot of care to meet this standard – from careful and deliberate planting techniques to how the processing equipment is cleaned.

These farmers have made long-term commitments to the purity protocol and must meet a mandatory three-year gluten-free rotation before seeding their oats. Once their land is suitable to grow gluten-free oats, crops are inspected for cross-contact during the growing season and samples are tested after harvest to screen for gluten. We’re proud to work with farmers who value the integrity of ingredients like we do.